Hey guys! It’s me, Kim again. Hope you’ve been enjoying my posts so far. Now, I really think you’re going to like my next two posts, this one included. Here, I’m going to take you on a nostalgic tour of my motherland. I really love it here and although my thirst to experience as many cultures as possible may someday lead me to all corners of the earth, I’ll never leave my home town. I’m so used to it here and I love it with all my heart. And, gosh, I wish I was born around the same time as my mother and father, because perhaps then I would have appreciated Bruce Lee’s legacy more.

The next post is going to dive straight into that. When I was still a kid, people around here were still watching Bruce Lee movies. On our major television networks there will always be re-runs and documentaries repeated on the life and times and movies of Bruce Lee, the legend of Hong Kong. You know, I almost said Hollywood, and you know, I think if he had not died so early, he would have become a bigger star than some of our other favorite sons. I’m sure even Chuck Norris, one of his most famous pupils, would agree to this sentiment.


Now, about that trip I promised you. Let’s get a move on then. We’ll start with the Bruce Lee memorial sites. If you’re a movie and martial arts fan like me, you have to visit these places. Pay your respects to Hong Kong’s favorite son.

  • THE STATUE – Ask around for directions and head off to the square that holds the Bruce Lee statue in memory of his achievements. It’s a massive one and you can’t miss it.
  • 41 CUMBERLAND ROAD – This is where Bruce Lee lived during his time in Hong Kong. It’s now a museum and as a tourist you’ll be privileged to be receiving a friendly guide throughout his old home.
  • YIN YANG AND CHA CHAN TENG – Yin-yang is coffee AND tea, both at the same time. Cha chan teng are the old school Western influenced restaurants scattered around Hong Kong. They hark back to nineteen sixties boom times and provide both tourists and locals with an eclectic mix of Western style cuisine and traditional Cantonese fare. Come when you’re hungry, then you’re sure to enjoy generous helpings of soy sauce chicken with spaghetti. Oh, and your tea and coffee, you’ll be drinking it mixed in the one and only same cup. A weird taste sensation not to be missed.
  • LOW BUDGET TOUR OF THE REAL HONG KONG – Head off to the Temple Street Junction and come and truly experience Hong Kong. Never mind the high rise towers and mixing with the affluent. Come and rub shoulders with the real Hong Kong people. You can buy weird medicines which may not even work for you, and you can buy fake Rolexes here. Much nicer is the dozens of yummy food stores which won’t be costing you too much of your holiday dollars. And then go and have your fortune told in a layered car park of all places.
  • A VIEW FROM THE HIGHEST PEAK – That peak is Victoria Peak. Get there just before sunset and watch the entire city from its highest point turn from day into dark night. Watch all the pretty lights flicker on and be inspired for the rest of the night before you turn in for sleep the next morning. During the daytime you’ll be able to see as far as the mountains and start wondering about communist China just beyond those mountains.
  • A NOSTALGIC TRIP – It leaves from Garden Road. It is one hundred and twenty years old. It is the Hong Kong train which you can hop on and hop off to take in as many sights and sounds of the city. You can travel on the train in the morning, afternoon and at nighttime.
  • TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY ISLANDS – You’ll never be able to explore each and every one of them during your stay here, unless you’re going to live here permanently and live a very, very long life. It’s not the rubbish you chuck out every year when you do your spring cleaning. What it is is a boat that can take you to a great many scenic and natural island sights. The junk is a picnic friendly boat originally used by fishermen and pirates. You can drop anchor at an island beach somewhere, spend the day there and, of course, go and have a lovely swim.
  • THE OLD TEA HOUSE – If you like nostalgia with your meals, then you must visit the Fragrant Lotus. It was started up in the nineteen sixties and takes you back to old world Hong Kong. And of course the food is delicious. Here, you’ll need to be hungry again and treat yourself with eight-course meals influenced by both British colonial and Cantonese food styles. It’s the best place in the world to enjoy the famous dim sum. The rice dumplings are delicious too.
  • HONG KONG BUTLERS AT A PRICE – This luxury is quite expensive, but if you’re game, it’s well worth a try. These guys are called pool butlers. They’ll give you ‘facial mists’ while you luxuriate in cool or warm water with a view to die for. The view is entirely of the Hong Kong skyline. It’s located on the third floor of the very expensive Intercontinental Hotel in Kowloon.


Speaking of luxuries, if you can afford these, you can hire chartered junks which include full-on catering services while you enjoy your languorous cruise and sightseeing of Hong Kong by water. So, that’s it for now. I wish I could have told you more in this short space and time, because, believe me, there is more. Go and check it for yourself.