Time to tell you a bit more about my all time favorite hero. Time for me to tell you a little bit more about the one and only Bruce Lee. I think I gave you a sufficient enough introduction in my last post to the man ahead of his time right up to his premature death. So let me get on with it. I’ll start with what was defined as a controversial death. I’ve deliberately highlighted the legend’s life in non-chronological order in order to keep this sentimental post as interesting as possible. Hope you enjoy it. If you’re a Bruce Lee Fan like me, you will.


  • THE DEATH OF BRUCE LEE – When Bruce Lee died so suddenly at the young age of thirty two, there were all sorts of rumors doing the rounds. That was before the time I really started to get in to the life and times of the martial arts master and philosopher. But as I immersed myself in thousands of pages of literature, I got to know the real Bruce Lee and that his death was nothing short of a freak accident and truly a great tragedy. One of Bruce Lee’s most famous pupils, Chuck Norris, to my mind, summed up his untimely death best. Norris believed that Bruce Lee’s earlier sensitization to a drug he was using to treat an injury may have contributed towards his death. It all went awry when doctors surreptitiously gave him the drug equagesic after the man initially complained of experiencing sudden headaches.
  • BRUCE LEE’S LEGACY – Chuck Norris is part of Bruce Lee’s legacy. It’s one of the most honest accounts to following in the footsteps of the giant. After his death, many martial arts schools were set up in his name, but in accordance with his wishes, many of them had to close down because they weren’t doing any true justice to his original philosophies and training methodologies. People are still making fun of Chuck Norris to this day, feeding off his controversial and misunderstood comments on public life. But as a private man, Norris is humble and disciplined, staying true to the philosophies and teachings of the master.
  • THE REAL KARATE KID – During the latter half of the nineteen sixties during his time in America, the young Bruce Lee challenged the best of the best at successive karate championships and using his then unorthodox fighting styles, he confused and conquered them all.
  • BRUCE LEE’S ACTING CAREER – The standout movie for me, and most Bruce Lee fans agree to this, was Enter the Dragon. I remember how he had to climb all these towers to get to the top and slay the last and toughest opponent. During the course of all his martial arts battles, Bruce Lee punched up a young Chuck Norris. Norris gave a good account of himself but as it goes in the movies, the star of the show always wins the fight. As kids, we used to watch re-runs of Bruce Lee’s old movies at our local theatre. Afterwards we used to play act and fight with each other all the way home. What fun we had.
  • THE PHILOSOPHIES OF BRUCE LEE – I was quite alarmed when I read for the first time that Bruce Lee was an atheist. To this day, I still don’t believe a word of it. It started from an interview with a dispassionate reporter who asked the pivotal question. Lee simply refuted the question, choosing to be cryptic and mysterious, something like the way the ancient prophets from different religions used to give their takes on material and spiritual life. My wise father always used to say that if you believe in yourself, you believe in an almighty.
  • BRUCE LEE’S POETRY – Wow, I had no idea that this man could write. This was before the time I really started to get into his life and work. Bruce Lee’s poetic style was ahead of its time, written in free verse and with echoes of the somber side of life. Critics say that Lee’s writing was reminiscent of the style used by the famous poet, Robert Frost.
  • HEALTH AND FITNESS BY BRUCE LEE – Bruce Lee was famous for his discipline and innovation during his unique martial arts training sessions. His training was unique because he was creating something new, never experienced before by seasoned martial arts practitioners with far more experience than him. Bruce Lee was, however, a firm believer in fitness training before and after and around the actual martial arts training. He taught that it was pointless fighting when the body was not in peak, physical condition. It was also important to train the mind to focus. Nutrition was also very important. It seems as though Bruce Lee was way ahead of his time where healthy eating was concerned. You see, long before we had even heard about organic eating practices and natural alternatives, Lee was a holistic adherent. His diet was focused on protein enrichment and all the food that he ate was natural. It should come as no surprise to you that he was strictly against eating junk food.
  • BRUCE LEE THE TEACHER – While Bruce Lee’s acting career began when he was still only a child, he also starting teaching at a young age. Well, what a dumb thing for me to say. It would have to be the case. After all, he died when he was only thirty two. Interestingly, he dropped out of college during his time in America in order to follow his heart, a fragile one as it turns out to be. He had a heck of a collection of books to continue with his own learning journey. And, of course, everything he learned and discovered, he passed on to his devotees.


He was and is a true legend.

Long may it live. I wrote this post off by heart. I’m so proud of myself. Hope you enjoyed it.