When my father and his brothers were young, they used to play Bruce Lee war games and have mock fights on their way home from school. Not much has changed among today’s modern Chinese punks who love to have a punch up every now and then. And it seems ironic in the sense that the ancient martial arts are revered more elsewhere. In Hong and Shanghai, there just seem to be too many commercial distractions to attract the Chinese youngsters to important matters of their ancient and more recent history.

Bruce Lee is King

As far as I am concerned, Bruce Lee rules. He is the bomb. He is my hero. I would be wrong in suggesting that Bruce Lee basically put Hong Kong on the map, but not far off. The Hong Kong film business took off in a big way once Bruce Lee’s very few films were immortalized to god-like status. If Mr. Lee had lived to tell the tale himself, he would have frowned upon such forms of idolatry. But in my world, there are very few that we can look up to, to play their perfect part as role models. Bruce Lee is one of those.

The philosophies of Bruce Lee

I was initially perturbed. Then I became more curious. Whether his philosophies were inherited from ancient words of wisdom along the lines of Tao and Confucius, as well as Christian and eastern philosophies, they all seem to inspire, even if they don’t always make complete sense to me. They metaphor of water is quite interesting. Who would like to become a teapot, for instance? This is how Bruce Lee explains the analogy of becoming one, at peace and harmony in one’s material surroundings. He turns everything he sees, feels and touches into something sublime and spiritual.

Bruce Lee’s American Life

Bruce Lee left Hong Kong at a young age. He worked in Californian restaurants for a while before devoting himself to his studies in philosophy. He founded his own Gung Fu school, married, had kids, one of them being Brandon, the young actor and star of The Crow, who also died mysteriously during filming. We only remember Seth Rogen’s modern movie remake, but back in the sixties, The Green Hornet was an uber-cool Hollywood show. Bruce Lee was it.

The Hong Kong Legend and mystery

At some stage of his movie career, Bruce Lee had to make a break. That escape route took him all the way back to Hong Kong where he resurrected his own movie career as a martial arts actor, producer and director. Hollywood was back with a bang and three famous Hollywood collaborations; the most famous of them being Enter the Dragon, really made Bruce Lee’s name solid gold. Only the thing is he died while the film was still being put together.

Today, Bruce Lee, misguidingly or sincerely, remains both movie star and cultural icon wherever his movies are still available and martial arts studios are prominent. It is to his philosophy that I would someday like to spend more time over. It’s still very much a case of joining up with new Bruce Lee fans who are essentially seeking new meaning and consciousness in their material world, from Hong Kong to California.