Jackie Chan, to my mind, is a man of many talents. Unfortunately for me, I have yet to see and hear the best of Jackie Chan who, although a Hong Kong man, through and through, is very proud of his Chinese roots, just as most of us are. A friend of mine asked why this should be unfortunate. She then asked whether I’d heard of downloading and streaming before. I replied, yes of course I have, but you still don’t get it, I just won’t have the time to watch all or most of Jackie Chan’s movies.

Because that’s the thing, he’s made over a hundred already. Jackie Chan isn’t the Chinese actor’s real name, that’s his stage name. I think it’s good to have such a persona for the stage or screen, particularly when you become as famous as Jackie Chan. If you are like me and him, you value your privacy and the adoring public cannot be privy to what you get up to behind closed doors. Not that there’s any scandal to report where Jackie Chan is concerned.

To me, he’s a family man, through and through. I see this in the type of movies he makes. When he used to do the action movie flicks, he’d always blend in a lot of comedy acts into it. These stunts were nine times out of ten, quite hilarious. It was always good clean fun where the good guys always got the bad guys in the end. Family entertainment, Jackie Chan style. What a pity he’s decided to call it a day on his action movie takes.

The work is just too hard for him now. I guess so, I mean, after all, this is a man who is already in his sixties. He will, however, be devoting himself to more serious work behind the scenes, but is not at all lost to the comedy and action genre. It’s just that we’re no longer going to see the old kung fu star tumble around so acrobatically while he whacks the bad guys to Japan and back. I think the Rush Hour series would have to go down as my favorite.

The wise-cracking, immature and incompetent American cop paired up reluctantly with the good, duty-bound and clean Chinese cop. Only the Chinese cop blows the whistle and gets demeaned by his superiors for it. I was not sure what to expect when Will Smith’s kid, Jaden, and Jackie Chan teamed up for the remake of The Karate Kid. Usually remakes don’t always match the originals. Sometimes they are a lot worse.

But this new Karate Kid, set entirely in China, completely blew me away. It was almost as if the old original never existed. Good work all around by the producers and the actors. I really thought old Jackie played his part well as the older, mentoring type, no longer into the action scenes like he used to be. Because Jackie Chan’s made over one hundred and fifty movies, there’s just so much bio material to look forward to if you are a fan of his work.

I’ve got some material on my file now, but wonder whether we’ll have that opportunity to post some more about Jackie Chan’s long and illustrious career. Actually, now that I think about it, I’ve done alright with my post. I’ve imparted a little info as part of a personal introduction to how I feel about Jackie Chan. Maybe you get that I have the greatest amount of respect and admiration for famous men who love and respect their fellow citizens across the world.

Jackie Chan is for me one of those guys, and I like the fact that he is recognized as a famous philanthropist as well. So, there you have it. Jackie Chan is known for more important things in life rather than the ability to entertain us in a good natured and respectful sort of way. In case anyone thought Mr. Chan was one of the many who hung on the coattails of the famous Bruce Lee, think again. Jackie Chan has been at it since the sixties already. Imagine that.