Hello everybody, welcome to my blog. Let me introduce you. My name is Kim, and yes, you are quite right, it is a typically Chinese name, whether for a boy or a girl. And, breaking news guys, I am a girl. Perhaps I am not everybody’s type of girl but to you, I can be your Chinese Girl if you want. But for me, I would prefer to be known in the blogosphere and to the rest of the world as the Hong Kong Girl. What a pity, I thought, that the British and Chinese agreed to trade Hong Kong the way they did just at the turn of the millennium.

I liked being a citizen of Hong Kong, but I also like being Chinese. To readers not from around here this may seem confusing. Well, actually you know, it shouldn’t. If you have been privileged enough to have been brought up and lived through an environment similar to mine then you will know what a blessing it can be. You, my friends, are culturally diverse, not culturally assimilated, as many of the thousands of war and economic refugees, the lucky ones that make it across the Mediterranean Sea and across the border.

I have wondered why no-one wants to immigrate to China. Well guys, go figure.

Briefly, this is what my blog’s going to be about. It’s going to be about culture mainly. Sometimes, I might bring up an issue of importance in the sense that it might affect my way of life here. I might even ask for your help on how to deal with the matter. But mainly I will be guiding you. I am very proud of my cultural heritage. I am proud of the fact that I am both Chinese and a citizen of Hong Kong. I enjoy the privileges that come from enjoying dual conveniences. But I miss democracy. We still have freedom of expression in Hong Kong, I mean, look where I am now, but, really guys, we really have to tread very carefully.

Chinese and Hong Kong culture then, all rolled into one blog. Chinese food galore and interesting things to see and do in Hong Kong, that’s probably going to be exciting, right. Then I’ll also be talking a little about Hong Kong’s history in as little words as possible. This is a small blog, so space is at a premium and the history of Hong Kong stretches back over thousands of years. Alongside this little history lesson, there’ll be a few landmark sights to visit. And what about the movies, guys? And what sort of sport are you into? Well, I’m into kung fu and Bruce Lee.

For comedy, I like my Jackie Chan. Then there’s also Bruce Lee’s son, Brandon. I’ll be chatting a little about my favorite idols and their kung fu history. I should also endeavor to talk a little more seriously about the ancient martial arts. I should endeavor to see if I can juxtapose my modern pop culture with that of our ancient past. I’d like to see how it all fits together. Let’s go and see what we can dig up. Jump in the Hong Kong taxi with me, hold on, and enjoy the ride.